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Slow down your ageing process


Researchers have successfully reprogrammed T cells to combat ageing, leading to healthier and disease-resistant lives in mice. The targeted elimination of specific cells improved longevity, preventing ageing-related conditions such as obesity and diabetes. A single dose of this treatment yielded lifelong benefits for young mice and rejuvenated older ones.

Reprogramming T Cells

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) Assistant Professor Corina Amor Vegas and her team have identified a method to reprogram T cells to combat ageing. These white blood cells can target senescent cells through specific genetic modifications, contributing to potential anti-ageing effects.

CAR T Cells: A Living Drug Targeting Senescent Cells for Anti-Ageing Effects

Senescent cells, implicated in numerous age-related diseases, cease replication and contribute to harmful inflammation as we grow older. Current drugs targeting these cells often require repetitive administration. In a novel approach, Amor Vegas and team explored CAR (chimeric antigen receptor) T cells, a “living” drug.

Longevity and Anti-Ageing with CAR T Cell Therapy

Through manipulation, CAR T cells effectively removed senescent cells in mice, enhancing health. The mice exhibited lower body weight, improved metabolism, glucose tolerance, and increased physical activity, all achieved without causing tissue damage or toxicity.

Effects of CAR T Cells on Age-Related Conditions

CAR T cells exhibit remarkable longevity, with a single dose administered in youth demonstrating lifelong effects. This solitary treatment proves effective in guarding against age-related conditions, including obesity and diabetes, offering enduring health benefits.

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The potential of CAR T Cells in Extending Lifespan and Enhancing Health

CAR T cells, initially approved for treating blood cancers in 2017, are being explored beyond cancer therapy. Amor Vegas is pioneering research to determine if CAR T cells can not only enhance the health of mice but also extend their lifespan. This investigation could potentially bring us closer to unlocking the secrets of longevity, offering a glimpse into the sought-after fountain of youth.

What did the Researcher say?

According to Amor Vegas, the treatment has remarkable effects: it rejuvenates aged mice and slows down the ageing process in younger mice. He emphasizes that no other therapy currently available can achieve these results.

Amor Vegas highlights the distinctive feature of T cells, emphasizing their capability to form long-term memory and endure within the body. This quality, unlike chemical drugs, offers a significant advantage for chronic conditions. The potential of a single CAR T cell treatment stands out, providing sustained relief over multiple years compared to frequent daily treatments for certain patients.

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