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Tea Consumption and Longevity: Insights from a Comprehensive Study

Enjoying tea at least three times a week has emerged as a potential key to a longer and healthier life, as per a recent study featured in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, a publication of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). Notably, the most robust health benefits were associated with habitual green tea consumption and long-term tea-drinking habits.

Drink Tea Live Longer

Extensive Participant Analysis: Unveiling Tea’s Impact

The study meticulously examined 100,902 participants enrolled in the China-PAR project2, all devoid of a history of heart attack, stroke, or cancer. The participants were categorized into two groups: habitual tea drinkers (consuming tea three or more times weekly) and those who never or seldom drank tea (less than three times weekly). Over a median follow-up period of 7.3 years, habitual tea drinkers showcased associations with both increased healthy years of life and extended life expectancy.

Quantifying the Benefits: Tea’s Impact on Cardiovascular Health

Quantifying the potential benefits, the analysis estimated that 50-year-old habitual tea drinkers could potentially experience coronary heart disease and stroke 1.41 years later than their counterparts who rarely consumed tea. Additionally, their life expectancy was projected to be 1.26 years longer. In terms of risks, habitual tea consumers demonstrated a 20% lower risk of incident heart disease and stroke, a 22% lower risk of fatal heart disease and stroke, and a 15% reduced risk of all-cause death compared to those who rarely indulged in tea.

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Sustained Tea Habits: A Protective Factor

An intriguing facet emerged when studying changes in tea-drinking behaviour. Among a subset of 14,081 participants assessed at two-time points, those who consistently maintained their tea-drinking habit exhibited notable advantages. These habitual tea drinkers had a 39% lower risk of incident heart disease and stroke, a 56% lower risk of fatal heart disease and stroke, and a 29% decreased risk of all-cause death compared to those consistently avoiding or rarely consuming tea.

Differential Impact of Tea Types: Green Tea’s Distinct Advantages

Delving into the types of tea, the study identified a distinctive impact of green tea. Drinking green tea was associated with approximately 25% lower risks for incident heart disease and stroke, fatal heart disease and stroke, and all-cause death. In contrast, no significant associations were observed for black tea. The study suggests that the unique benefits of green tea may stem from its rich polyphenol content, which is known to protect against cardiovascular disease and its risk factors.

Potential Factors at Play: Unraveling the Tea-Milk Dynamic

Two potential factors were highlighted to explain the differential impact of green and black tea. First, green tea’s abundance of polyphenols, which protect against cardiovascular diseases, sets it apart. In contrast, the full fermentation process of black tea may lead to the oxidation of polyphenols, potentially diminishing their antioxidant effects. Second, the common practice of serving black tea with milk could counteract the favourable health effects attributed to tea on vascular function, as indicated by previous research.

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