wound healing and circadian rhythm


The research explores the relationship between the circadian rhythm, cell clock genes, and the primary cilia found in most mammalian cells. The circadian rhythm, regulated by cell clock genes, dictates a 24-hour cycle in organisms. Most cells have primary cilia, which serve various functions, including sensory roles. The study delves into the potential impact of the circadian rhythm and primary cilia on the healing process, shedding light on how organisms may heal at different rates based on their natural biological clock.

wound healing and circadian rhythm

Circadian Rhythms and Wound Healing: Clock Proteins and Primary Cilia Length Revealed in Recent Study

In a study published in EMBO Reports in November 2023, researchers found a significant connection between clock proteins, responsible for regulating a 24-hour rhythm within cells, and the regulation of primary cilia. These cilia, which adjust their length based on the oscillations of clock gene expression, play a crucial role in the healing process of wounds. The study, conducted on mouse cells over 72 hours, revealed a correlation between the length of primary cilia and the duration of wound healing, suggesting that shorter cilia may contribute to faster wound recovery.

Circadian Rhythms and Wound Healing: Daytime-Induced Enhancement in Fibroblast Primary Cilia Activity

Fibroblasts, crucial for connective tissue formation and wound healing, exhibit a circadian rhythm in their primary cilia, with enhanced healing during the day. The 24-hour cycle influences the cilia length, shorter during the day, facilitating their conversion to a cell type that aids wound invasion. Shorter cilia may also play a role in signalling, contributing to improved wound repair by promoting cellular migration and signal transmission. This daytime-induced healing process underscores the significance of circadian rhythms in the wound-healing capabilities of fibroblasts.

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Circadian Rhythm and Physiology: Unveiling the Impact and Prospects for Circadian Medicine

Researchers have made progress in understanding the connection between circadian rhythm and physiology, particularly in immature or embryonic cells. However, further investigation is needed to fully elucidate the mechanisms involved. These insights provide a foundation for exploring the impact of the biological clock on health issues, paving the way for the emergence of “circadian medicine.” Deeper research into circadian rhythm physiology can benefit individuals dealing with conditions like jet lag and insomnia, offering potential solutions to disorders stemming from disruptions in the body’s natural clock.

What did Researchers say?

The study anticipates that additional investigation will provide insights into the involvement of primary cilia not only in wound healing but also in other life processes governed by circadian rhythms, including sleep/wakefulness, hormone secretion, and fluctuations in body temperature.

Ryota Nakazato, the researcher and author, suggests that the 24-hour cycle of primary cilia on fibroblasts may contribute to the observed variation in wound healing speed between daytime and nighttime.

Journal Link: https://www.embopress.org/doi/full/10.15252/embr.202356870



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